When Rix Petroleum asked for our help in lighting a creative new employee break-out area at their Hull HQ, we were only too happy to help. 
The successful Hull firm currently turns over more than £400million a year, employs more than 600 people, and is continuing to grow at pace. So they needed somewhere for those people to go, and decided to expand into new office space at their existing site. 
They were commissioning an extension to an already-large telesales centre in order to house an additional 30 people, several new offices and the substantial time-out zone. 
And they needed to do so, fast. They approached Foley Electrical to wire and light the new office block, from ‘first fix’ stage, designing their electricity and wiring circuits, and also the position and type of lighting they needed. 
The job involved: 
• Assessing the existing electrics; 
• Looking at the architect’s drawings for the extension and mapping out where the new wiring and lighting needed to be; 
• Ensuring the electrics in both the old and new parts of the site were fully compliant with regulations by the end of the project; 
• Applying a more creative approach to enabling the specific ambiance Rix wanted to create in the staff break-out area; 
• Moving all of their existing and new lighting over to LEDs, and installing movement sensors in areas like the break-out room, for energy efficiency and cost savings. 
Duncan Lambert, Director & General Manager, said: “I have known James and the Foley family for a number of years and this project was a great opportunity to bring him in and give him an opportunity to prove his expertise. 
“I’m pleased to say that he and his team cracked on really quickly and facilitated just what we wanted 
“They coped well with the fact that we, as customers, changed our minds over certain things a few times, and gave us what we wanted – including ensuring that the electrics in our new building were compatible with those in the older part of the site and completing all work to certificated standard – in the timeframe we wanted. 
“The break-out area was a particularly interesting aspect of the project, with its large murals representing the history of the Rix brand and comfortable furniture. We wanted to feature mood lighting and under-cabinet illumination, to make this a place that our people can retire to for an hour or so, and either relax or use as a more creative space for meetings and discussions.” 
“We’re actually quite proud of our break-out area now and whenever we show visitors around, we start by making them a coffee in there. It sets the right tone and gives them a strong sense of our 140-year company history, where we are at this point in time and the many different things we now do – which equate to much more than retailing fuel. 
“James and the team can feel justifiably proud of helping us to create something so special.” 
Rix is a family-owned Yorkshire business, and is run by the fifth generation. They have successfully diversified into a range of sectors over the years, and are now involved in areas as varied as shipping, manufacturing caravans, supplying offshore wind support vessels and car sales. 
They frequently feature in the Sunday Times ‘Top Track 250’ awards. 
For more information about Rix Petroleum, visit their website at www.rix.co.uk 
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