The revamped J Foley Electrical website is now up and running........ 
.....so it seems like a good opportunity to take a moment to reflect back on the last three years since I set up the business in 2014, as well as looking ahead to what I believe will be a very exciting future for us. 
My mum Sally and I established Foley Electrical after the death of my dad Chris. We wanted to make him proud, and I really feel we’ve achieved that goal. It's amazing to see how far we have come in such a short space of time.  
To think that it all started with just me and a van. 
I was on my own, aged just 21, with fire in my belly and a big desire to bring a fresh level of customer satisfaction and vision to the region’s electrical services. 
Now we are a highly experienced band of six electricians (including an apprentice), with five vans and a growing database of clients. We’ve quickly gained a reputation built on reliability, honesty and value for money – as well as out-of-the-box thinking, and our customers know they’re in good hands. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading expertise and a commitment to keeping in touch with all the latest technological advances so we always stay ahead of the game. Securing our CompEx certification within the next few weeks will allow us to work in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres, the latest example of our dedication to being the best we can be. 
The business has enjoyed a period of major growth and just keeps getting bigger. We’re not resting on our laurels though – there’s so much more we want to achieve as as we expand. 
Looking back 
I completed my full apprenticeship in electrical engineering with East Riding of Yorkshire Council, where I won the ‘student of the year award’ twice. After this I gained experience in the private sector, covering agricultural and industrial work. 
This paved the way for me to set up J Foley Electrical Limited, and the team now consists of me, Steve Rowley, Graham Wood, Dan Askey, James Foster (known as Foz) and Harvey Thompson. 
We now offer a full range of electrical services including commercial, agricultural, domestic, industrial, inspection and testing. Our customers range from householders needing help with relatively straightforward changes and upgrades within their homes, to property developer, farmers and major commercial and industrial businesses. Whoever they are, our clients can rest assured we have all the correct qualifications and accreditations, and approach our work professionally and to the very highest standards. 
What the future holds 
At Foley’s, our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading electrical services supplier in this area, as well as further afield. As the company continues to grow, I aim to extend my workforce further by bringing more electricians on board and adding even greater breadth of expertise to what we offer. We have excellent working relationships with our clients and I intend to continue developing these, as well as attracting new ones. 
Looking ahead to another five years’ time, I think I’ll be in a position to say that we do everything to the best standard, that we are the first electrical services company people turn to, and our customers know that we are always there when needed. I hope our current customers will also still be with us. 
I’m passionate about continually looking over the horizon, to spot the many innovations that are springing up within our industry, and introduce new offerings for the people we serve. Two sectors I plan to explore as part of our continual business development are renewables and industry. With industry, we have a strong pedigree and we can work in any industrial environment from docks to major factories and farms. We have the relevant skills and accreditation to carry out installations, upgrades and services. 
This includes our CompEX certification, the recognised global accreditation scheme for working in explosive atmospheres, such as offshore and chemical plants. This will be a real asset as it will allow us to deal with much more sophisticated electrical installations, including pyro cable wiring, and in all kinds of settings including those classed as hazardous areas. 
In terms of renewables, there are a number of growth areas where we can support organisations as they implement these innovations, including LED lighting, solar panels, power walls and electric cars. Again we have all the appropriate accreditation and we are more than up for the challenge in helping customers to implement and maintain these amazing technologies. 
Personal touch 
Above all, we’re like a family here at Foley’s, in and out of work, and aim to build equally strong relationships with our customers. We try to always work with smiles on our faces, while doing an outstanding professional job every time, and that’s all down to the electricians we employ. We have more than 50 years of experience between us, and I’m looking forward to seeing that number increase. 
For information about how James Foley Electrical Ltd can help you or your business, ring 01377 270085 or email enquiries@foleyelectrical.co.uk 
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