The safety, security and efficiency of homes is our paramount concern and we work on everything from installations to wiring, portable appliance (PAT) tests and re-wires at individual properties; to major wiring projects such as full building sites, barn conversions and installations, and upgrades and tests at rental properties. All of our work is carried out to Part P building regulation standards. 
You may or may not realise that the law requires that you have the electrical wiring and installations in your home tested and certified every 10 years. We take an uncompromising approach to domestic electrics and will give you an honest view of how efficient and safe your home, and any new work you are considering undertaking, are, providing you with sound advice you can trust. 
Sadly, a large proportion of the personal domestic work we carry out, involves putting right risky installations carried out previously by keen DIY-ers. We would strongly recommend that – unless you are fully electrically qualified – you do not undertake any electrical work yourself. This is because the regulations are being constantly updated and you could easily compromise your safety, and even incur legal penalties if something goes wrong and you are considered to be responsible for it. 
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