Safety requirements of landlords are becoming ever more stringent, and none-more-so than those governing the safe installation and maintenance of electrical wiring and equipment. Although, by law, you don’t have to have an annual electrical inspection as you do for gas installations, we don’t think it will be long before this is introduced as standard. 
In any event, because you could be held liable if any electrical fixtures or fittings at your property cause harm to your tenants, we would say it is always advisable to have them tested at regular intervals, and at least every five years or when you install anything new.  
Landlords are obliged to ensure that electrical installations in any rental property are safe prior to tenants moving in, and are maintained in a safe manner throughout the duration of their tenancy. By law, full electrical inspections must be carried out on houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) every five years. 
‘Safety’ applies not just to any wiring, but also to equipment such as sockets – and not just how they are installed, but also whether they are manufactured to the appropriate safety standards in the first place. 
If you supply any portable appliances, like cookers or fridges, these must also be appropriately maintained and portable appliance (PAT) tested. You’re also required to have appropriate fire and carbon monoxide poisoning mitigation equipment. 
We are qualified and certificated to provide you with the most up-to-date guidance on what the law requires of you, and then carry out any work needed to make sure your installations are compliant.  
We also work with trusted health and safety experts which means that, together, we can advise you on any broader steps you need to take, to ensure the safety of anyone living in your property, and so protect your reputation. 
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